About Us

High Performance Engine Machine Shop

We can rebuild any brand of motor.

Motors with carburetors is our specialty! 

High performance street engines, racing, off road, marine, and agricultural.

We are a machine shop, not a garage. We do not remove or install motors. 



Block Work

Inspecting, magnaflux, boring, honing.

Head Work

Inspect, vacuum check, pressure check, resurfacing, valve grind, R & R seats, porting,  and rebuilding. 

Other Services

Jet clean blocks, heads, & parts

Bake and Blast cast blocks, heads & parts

Bead blasting

Balance Rotating Assembly

Broken bolt removal

Engine and Chassis Dyno Tuning Services

We can Dyno most cars. (Can not do 4x4's) 

Only tune cars that have a carburetor.